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Be Prepared

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Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. Mother Nature visits our area each and every year in the form of heavy snow fall and subsequent flooding. Horrific disasters can impact our lives as well, as the Upper Big Branch and Ghent explosions have showed us. However, incidents can be just as devastating in one’s own home or place of business, as when a child ingests a poison by accident, or a business loses all of their important records because they were not protected properly. The SWVPP wants everyone to be as prepared as they can be, first by eliminating those hazards that can be removed or reduced, and then by preparing yourself and those you are responsible for in a pro-active manner.

Being Prepared...It's Your Responsibility

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Many think that responding to and recovering from an emergency is someone else’s responsibility; generally the government, whether at the federal, state, or local level. Certainly, these entities have a part to play; but as the following quote stresses, emergency preparedness at the community level requires the support and participation of everyone.

 “The responsibility for responding to incidents, both natural and manmade, begins at the local level - with individuals and public officials in the county, city or town affected by the incident.”

                                              National Response Framework

No one knows southern West Virginia and its unique threats and hazards better than those who live and work here. Therefore, it is imperative that we become better informed of these situations and prepare accordingly.

Information is provided for a number of different categories under the “Be Prepared” heading. This material can assist you to make more informed decisions and plans for whatever event might impact you, your family, business, or organization in the future.