SouthernWestVirginia Preparedeness partnership


The Southern West Virginia Preparedness Partnership (SWVPP) is designed to incorporate all facets of the public and private sectors within our region. The Partnership is open to all members of the community and will play a major role during all phases of emergency management. This includes the emergency response community, representatives from local government, business owners and operators, non-governmental organizations, as well as citizen groups. The SWVPP is dependent upon such diversity to meet its various objectives.  


Assists the public sector in understanding private sector requirements and resources.

Helps obtain the commitment of the private sector to become a part of the overall community emergency response planning process.

Enhances communication between the public and private sectors prior to an incident, informing them of available resources.

Heightens awareness that the private sector may not be able to control everything and may need to involve the public sector during recovery.

Provides the private sector with community contacts and develops an understanding of the support available from the public sector.

Develops recognition of how the loss of one business may affect and impact other businesses in the community.

Creates an understanding of why rapid business resumption is important and what basic community infrastructure may be needed to support business resumption following a disaster.

Develops an accurate understanding of public sector resources and private sector responsibilities until public support is available.